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Estate Planning

As Toronto wills and estate lawyers, we recognize that estate planning involves various degrees of preparation and insight. To that end, we assist in drafting your Will as well as Powers of Attorney, for personal property and for personal care.  Overall, from the simple to the complex, the purpose of estate planning is to ensure that the testator’s estate plan and goals are achieved in terms of providing for surviving beneficiaries with a view towards minimizing taxes. As the primary purpose of Estate planning is to avoid disputes and confusion regarding the settling of one’s affairs, discussing your desired beneficiaries and having Executors and Trustees is also of great importance.

In Ontario, in the event a person dies without a Will, various laws give guidance in terms of who inherits your estate.  The preparation of estate planning documents avoids this result and the distribution of an estate to unintended beneficiaries and/or entities.  We also recommend that you update your Will from time to time, to account for changes in your family makeup, assets and desired beneficiaries.    Call us today for your Estate Planning needs.